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When you purchased your home in Woodland Ridge you became a member of our neighborhood and Association. Our Association is a non-profit corporation, operated and maintained by membership dues. Among our top priorities are security and maintenance of neutral grounds, which both cost money. Officers and Board Members are volunteers. Therefore, all dues collected are allocated for services to meet the Association's obligations to the membership. Annual dues are mandatory as established by the Board and approved by the membership at the Annual Meeting. We encourage you to become an active member by serving on one of our Board committees or simply offering suggestions and ideas for improving our community.


Woodland Ridge Articles of Incorporation

The corporation is a formal organization of home owners as prescribed in the First and subsequent Filings of Woodland Ridge subdivisions for the following purposes:

  • To unite property owners in those subdivisions commonly referred to collectively as "Woodland Ridge" being more precisely described in Article II of the Articles of Incorporation;

  • To gather, receive and disseminate information as may seem helpful to all residents, with the intent of promoting the general welfare of the area;

  • To enforce the Covenants and Restrictions to promote uniform development and maintain community integrity;

  • To collect dues from each property owner in Woodland Ridge for financing the maintenance of neutral grounds, beautification, safety and security, and other efforts for mutual benefit of the subdivision and property owners;

  • To assist in any mailers pertaining to the welfare and advancement of the community and to maintain its integrity and property value and generally to do any and all other things connected with, or incidental, to any of the purposes above specified which a non-profit corporation is permitted to do under the laws of Louisiana.


Woodland Ridge 1st Filing - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge 2nd Filing - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge 3rd Filing - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge 4th Filing - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge 6th Filing - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge 7th Filing - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge East - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge Park 1st Filing - Map - Restrictions

Woodland Ridge Park 2nd Filing - Map - Restrictions

Original Colonies - Map

John D. Cantey Property - Map

Steffeck Lane - Map

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