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  • How do I get involved with the Homeowner Association Board?
    Come to a board meeting, meet the board and find out how you can help our neighborhood thrive! ​
  • I am going out of town, how do I get in touch with the security patrol officer?
    Please fill out the form here and we will make sure he gets the information!
  • How do I report a street light out?
    To report a street light that is out please contact Demco or Entergy.
  • When are the Homeowner Association Meetings?
    Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at Episcopal High School Alumni House at 6:00 pm. The Annual Meeting is held in June. Be sure to check the front entrance sign as well as the neighborhood Facebook or Nextdoor page for any changes in meeting dates or locations. We encourage residents to attend any meetings they can.
  • I’m making changes to the exterior of my home; do I need approval?
    Yes. Please contact the Architectural Committee before starting construction. Please email the architectural board member with the details of the changes you plan to make. Keep in mind, the covenants and restrictions collectively provide very positive standards for every homeowner’s comfort and community integrity.
  • How do I report missed garbage/recycling collection or report a damaged cart?
    Please call 311 or create an account here to report a missed collection. You can report a lot of other things to the City/Parish through 311. Missed Garbage Collection: Before filing a report for missed garbage service, please first review your neighborhood’s garbage and recycling pick-up schedule and ensure that your garbage was placed at the curb no later than 5 a.m., at least three feet away from your mailbox, utility poles, trees, gas or water meters. Please also keep in mind the following rules and restrictions related to trash collection. If your household is in violation of these restrictions, the City-Parish garbage contractor is not authorized to collect your items. Items eligible for pick-up includes bagged household garbage including food waste and trash. The City-Parish garbage service is not authorized to collect household hazardous waste such as paint, chemicals, thinner, batteries and electronics. Cart lids must be closed, with nothing placed on top, and overflowing carts will not be collected, and move any vehicles blocking the street on collection day. If you believe that your garbage service was missed and it was not due to any of the above violations, please contact 3-1-1 to report the issue. Damaged Cart - Replace Lids or Wheels: If your garbage cart is damaged, please contact the City-Parish at 3-1-1 or (225) 389-3090 to determine how to move forward with replacing or repairing the cart. Please be prepared to provide all relevant information regarding how and when the cart was damaged, including picture of the damage if possible. If the City-Parish determines you have negligently damaged your garbage cart in any way, you will be responsible for buying another cart at a cost of $60.00, which will be added to your water bill. If you believe the City-Parish is responsible for damage to your garbage cart, please explain this when you call the Solid Waste Division, and a representative will help you determine how to move forward with your report. If you believe the garbage contractor damaged other personal property, please see the “Property Damaged by Garbage Truck” knowledge base article.
  • What day is garbage, bulky trash and recycle pick up?
    Garbage, bulky trash and recycle pickup are on Monday. Garbage only is picked up on Thursdays. Guidelines Cans should be placed on the curb, not in the street. The cart lid must be closed; carts with lids propped open will not be serviced. Household garbage must be placed in a City-Parish owned cart, which has the City-Parish seal and serial number. Cart contents will only be collected for garbage. Bulky trash, such as old furniture, bagged yard waste, woody waste, mattresses, lumber, etc., should be placed in the unbundled trash pile for once-weekly collection. View the curbside set out guide (PDF). Other curbside service guidelines include: Garbage Cart is collected twice weekly. Bagged household garbage including food waste and trash will be collected. Bulky Trash, Yard and Wood Waste, Leaves and Grass will be collected once weekly. Only resident-generated waste will be picked up. Place these types of waste next to each other but not mixed together. Bulky Trash: Items too bulky or heavy to fit in the garbage cart such as furniture, large household items, remodeling debris, mattresses, water heaters, carpet, fencing, lumber. Do not bag. Yard and Woody Waste: Brush piles, tree limbs and shrub prunings. Do not bag, place loose at the curb. Bagged Leaves and Grass: Do not mix with bulky trash or yard and woody waste. Yard waste, leaves and grass left in old garbage cans will not be collected. Do not place in carts. What will not be collected: No Household Hazardous Waste is allowed in carts or at the curb.
  • Can cars be parked on the street?
    According to the EBR Municipal Code NO parking is allowed on sidewalks, medians, cul-de-sacs or servitudes between the curb and sidewalk. Temporary parking is allowed on the street within 18 inches of the right-hand curb for periods up to nine (9) hours. Sec. 11:423. - Time limitation on parking on any street. No person shall permit his vehicle, either as an operator or registered owner, to remain parked on any street for a period of time longer than nine (9) hours of any twenty-four-hour period beginning at 6:00 a.m., of one day to 6:00 a.m., of the next day, and the vehicle can only be so parked if parking is specifically permitted under other provisions of this title. (Ord. No. 7504, § 22, 4-25-84; Ord. No. 13688, § 1, 7-26-06),_east_baton_rouge_parish/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT11TRCO_CH28PA_PTICI_S11_423TILIPAANST
  • How much are annual voluntary contributions and what do my contributions go to?
    Annual voluntary contributions are $150 and contribute to the upkeep of common grounds, maintenance of our beautiful live oak trees, security officers, signage, lighting, water, legal fees and neighborhood events. Contributions were increased from $100 to $150 at the annual June 2018 meeting.
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